Peter Woods

Peter Woods has loved to paint and draw from childhood and has been a full time professional artist since 2010. He has a natural affinity with the way strong emotional themes can be expressed by line, tone and colour on canvas, paper or wooden panel.
He usually paints in oils to try and achieve intense layering of colour. In his last exhibitions he has experimented with a new freedom and facility using the media of gouache and watercolour, both in portrait and en plein air landscapes.
As well as painting portraits and landscapes, Peter Woods’ themes often draw on his experience of living ten years in Indonesia, half of that time on the island of West Papua. Peter’s lifelong fascination with depicting the human face and body is strongly connected with his concern for justice for the oppressed people of West Papua.
Faces tell stories, eyes have histories. He says, “In my art-making I seek to reflect the aesthetic and the prophetic, both the beauty and truth which comes from God and the evils which human beings should confront. Art has the capacity to heal, disturb, challenge, transform, elevate and enrich.”
Peter often is asked to do commissions – please contact for any enquiries.