Peter Woods

2012 Hidden Heroes: West Papuan Women of Resistance

These West Papuan women I have painted speak out to the incomprehensible capitulation to Australia’s real politic of relations with Indonesia. Gutsy and audacious in their rage and sorrow, and just plain dutiful as women and mothers, they keep on living and providing in conditions we know nothing of from our perspective as citizens of the best country in the world. These women keep working and keeping the family going while fathers, husbands and sons have been jailed, exiled, killed or disappeared. With dignity and courage they bear within them the impact of post traumatic stress disorder. in this series I sought to honour them, to express though paint their appeal and anger and sorrow of being a people colonised and subjugated because of the West’s fearful appeasement of dictators and its greed for the rich resources which are contained within West Papua.
This exhibition was held at Chapel on Station Gallery, Box Hill, Victoria, Australia, 1-14 March 2012