Peter Woods

2001 Centred: Spiritual Centre – Australian Centre

This was Peter Woods’ first solo exhibition and displayed twenty paintings using the media of oils and acrylics on canvas. The artist was also a practising parish priest in the Anglican church in Melbourne and portrayed some of his spiritual and creative journey over the previous few years. Peter’s works sought to express a spiritual basis for his creative act of painting. He showed some early art from his school days and then also two major pieces he had completed as part of his thesis for his Master of Arts (Theology) — the relationship of the church to the visual arts. He showed the beginning of a series — ongoing but still incomplete — of the story of Jacob in the Old Testament, the motif of the word Eternity which had been used on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the turn of the millennium event, and scenes from a recent trip to the heart, the centre, of Australia where one morning he had been able to briefly paint at Uluru. For Peter the wild and sometimes rocky road of following Christ as the ‘centre’ to life bring focus to the visual arts and creativity. The art was also simply an offering as Peter took up his paint brushes again after a long season of being in storage.
This exhibition was mounted at St Francis’ Pastoral Centre Gallery in Melbourne and ran from 16 August – 2 Sept.